History of Post 12 Officials 1950-1976

Year        Commander           Adjutant 

1951                Ray W. Clark                    George E. Osborne
1952                Bruce Woods                   Tom Fuller
1953                Rev. J. F. Merrin              Jack Davis
1954                W. J. Helms                      Chester Martin
1955                Chester Martin                 Charles Thweatt
1956                Francis White                   Charles Thweatt
1957                J. F. Austin                       Charles Thweatt
1958                J. F. Austin                       Charles Thweatt
1959                Harold Reynolds              Charles Thweatt
1960                George Horsley                Charles Thweatt
1961                Milton Fennell                   Mary Mull
1962                Charles Thweatt               Nathan Schemck
1963                Charles Thweatt               Nathan Schemck
1964                Charles Thweatt               Nathan Schemck
1965                Horace Borders                Buster Thweatt
1966                Horace Borders                Charles Thweatt
1967                Milton Fennell                   Charles Thweatt
1968                Milton Fennell                    Charles Thweatt
1969                M. K. Walls                         Charles Thweatt
1970                Bruce Woods                     M. K. Wall

1971                Milton Fennell                    M. K. Wall
1972                George A. Lucas                M. K. Wall
1973                John F. Austin                    Earl Tomlin
1974                Marion Hass                        Earl Tomlin
1975                Horace Borders                  Earl Tomlin

1976                Horace Borders                  Earl Tomlin

Original Charter

Legion Riders Post 12 Rockmart

Contact Post 12 at 7706842582

    History of Post 12 Officials 1977-1990

Year        Commander           Adjutant 

1977                W. J. Helms                         Earl Tomlin
1978                Ernest Rutledge                 Thomas H. Crigler
1979                Ernest Rutledge                 Thomas H. Crigler
1980                Jimmy Sanders                  Thomas H. Crigler
1981                Horace Borders                  Joyce Hutchings
1982                Horace Borders                  Joyce Hutchings
1983                Thomas H. Crigler              Joyce Hutchings
1984                Horace Borders                  Joyce Hutchings
1985                Horace Borders                  Joyce Hutchings
1986                Horace Borders                  Thomas H. Crigler
1987                Horace Borders                  Thomas H. Crigler
1988                Gary Austin                         Thomas H. Crigler
1989                Gary Austin                         Joyce Hutchings
1990                Gary Austin                         Joyce Hutchings

The Rockmart Post 12 of the American Legion was organized in 1929 and was named Raymor Brown Post No. 12 to honor Rockmart's first casualty in World War I. It later became the Brown-Wright Post No. 12 to also honor World War II casualty Rockmart native, John Preston Wright.

   History of Post 12 Officials 1991-2017

Year        Commander           Adjutant 

1991             Frank Holland                           Joyce Hutchings
1992             Horace Borders                        Joyce Hutchings
1993             Jerold Akins                             Joyce Hutchings
1994             Jerold Akins                             Karen Cutcher
1995             Jimmy Sanders                        Keith Borders
  Horace Borders                         Keith Borders
1997             Alvin L. Bell                              Keith Borders
1998             Kenneth Borders                     Keith Borders
1999             Ernest Rutledge                       Keith Borders
2000             Ernest Rutledge                       Alvin Bell
2001             Ernest Rutledge                       Alvin Bell

2002             Larry Bolt                                 Ernest Rutledge
2003             Denny Ray Williams                Ernest Rutledge
2004             Denny Ray Williams                Ernest Rutledge
2005             Larry Bolt                                 Ernest Rurledge
2006             Larry Bolt                                 Ernest Rutledge
2007             Ernest Rutledge                      Dean Jarman
2008             James Trammell                     Dean Jarman
2009             James Trammell                     Dean Jarman
2010             Ron Campbell                         Dean Jarman
2011             Ron Campbell                         Dean Jarman
2012             Vaden Underwood                  Dean Jarman
2013             Vaden Underwood                  Dean Jarman
2014             Vaden Underwood                  Dean Jarman
2015             Vaden Underwood                  Dean Jarman 

2016             Vaden Underwood                  Dean Jarman

2017             Larry Bolt                                 Dean Jarman 

2018             Gina Rhoden                           Dean Jarman ​​​​

Lt. John Preston Wright
Born April 26, 1917
Served In The Aleutian Islands Alaska
Missing In Action July 22, 1942 On A Bombing Mission Near Kiska Alaska

       History of Post 12 Officials 1922-1950

Year           Commander                 Adjutant 

1922                Dr. L. G. Neal                        Robert S. Johnson
1923                Dr. L. G. Neal                        Robert S. Johnson
1924                W. E. Norton                         T. V. Glover
1925                James P. Davidson              T. V. Glover
1926                James P. Davidson              T. V. Glover
1927                T. V. Glover                           Henry Robinson
1931                L. G. Franklin                        F. B. Fitzgerald
1932                L. G. Franklin                        F. B. Fitzgerald
1933                L. G. Franklin                        Fred Fitzgerald
1934                E. A. Williamson                   F. B. Fitzgerald
1935                Maj. Homer Watkins             F. B. Fitzgerald
1936                Maj. Homer Watkins             Fred Fitzgerald
1937                J. Ulman                                Emory Hendrix
1938                J. Ulman                                R. I. Smith
1939                J. Ulman                                R. I. Smith
1940                D. G. Burnette                      Julius Ulman
1941                D. G. Burnette                      Julius Ulman
1942                Van A. Davis                        Thos J. Dean
1943                Julius Ulman                       Thos J. Dean
1944                Julius Ulman                       Bob Holiday
1945                Bob Holiday                        Julius Ulman
1946                W. Z. Culver                        John Taff
1947                George E. Osborne            T. G. Selman
1948                Dr. J. E. Griffith                  Reginald E. Holiday
1949                George E. Osborne            Artie L. Wilson
1950                George E. Osborne            Ray Clark


​​Brown-Wright Post 12

​Rockmart Ga..

Raymor Riley Brown
Born Near Rockmart April 25, 1898
He Was Killed In Action Near Mont Blanc France Oct 7, 1918
He Was Awarded The Navy Cross Posthumously For Acts Of Bravery